Puppy Chow #40

If I had to choose one snack to eat for the rest of my life, I might have to go with Puppy Chow. If you’re unfamiliar with the sugary treat, it starts out as Rice Chex cereal that is  smothered with melted butter, chocolate chips and peanut butter, then finished off with a heaping amount of powdered sugar. Put all the ingredients in a plastic bag, give it a shake and VOILA! Puppy Chow. Not only is it fool proof, it takes delicious. My secret tip to creating the best Puppy Chow you’ll ever eat is to double recipe. Once you make this change, you’ll question why you ever followed the directions in the first place. (I mean, why would you anyway?) Puppy Chow is another one of my go-to’s for a sweet treat and I  don’t think I’ll ever be able to go without it.

Puppy Chow Recipe


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