Lasy Advertising #34

As I was searching the web for examples of lazy advertising, I noticed a common trend with alcohol companies, particularly hard liquor. Many of these companies had produced very provocative advertisements involving women in some way or another. SKYY, Flirt, and 3 Olives Vodka are all examples of companies who have sexualized their brands with provocative advertisements. I believe this form of advertising is very lazy in the way that sex always sells. Because that is a common fact among all agencies, it is a very easy way to get attention and personally, only scratches the surface for clever advertising. It is also very clear who the target market is in these advertisements; young to middle aged men who drink vodka. With these sexual advertisements, I can imagine that very few women or even none at all would have purchased this alcohol because of the way these brands portrayed women. It can be offensive to women to be portrayed in that way to boost sales of companies’ product. Sure, sexual advertising can always get people’s attention but because it is such an easy idea, I believe it is a lazy way of carrying out an advertisement for any product.

Unknown.jpegUnknown-2.jpeg Unknown-1.jpeg

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