Hacienda Cocina y Cantina, Cabo San Lucas #26

I spent part of my spring break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with a bunch of my friends. While it is safe to say we had a while trip, we also were able to eat some good food. A friend of mine had a birthday over our trip and her parents treated us with a birthday brunch at their hotel. They were staying at The Hacienda Beach Club and Residences, which was a beautiful resort. We ate lunch at Cocina y Cantina which was located right on the beach. As my main course I ordered steak tacos, but as an appetizer we ordered the queso fondito. This was the first time ever ordering this dish and let me tell you, my life has been changed for the better. If you are any sort of cheese lover, this is for you. It is basically just a hot bowl of a blend of melted cheeses, served with tortillas or chips. To be completely honest, this dish is one of the highlights of my trip…and this picture should be able to explain why. IMG_0094.jpg

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