Velvet Taco #24

Velvet Taco is a delicious and quick taco joint located on the corner of Henderson Ave. This place is known for their “awesomely unique” tacos. Not only do they have yummy tacos, they also have really good tater tots to go along as a side. These tots are topped with cheese, avocado cream, bacon bits and an egg to top things off. While tacos and tater tots may not seem to go together, somehow, they do. And it’s delicious. And then, if you’re still hungry, you can order a slice of their red velvet cake. This cake is moist and delicious and everything you’d want a piece of cake to be. This shop is definitely worth checking out and to make things even better, they’re open really late. So now, I have just given you your new late night spot after a wild night out. You’re welcome. IMG_0026.jpgIMG_9991.jpg

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