It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Traffic Signs

Nope, it’s not Christmas. IT’S GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON. For me, I wait year round to see little girls in green vests standing on street corners trying to get your attention for a $4 box of cookies. $4. I mean seriously, how can you resist. In today’s world 4 bucks can’t get you much, but January-March, it can buy you pure happiness. So, if you’re not sure what flavor you would want if you were given the chance to buy, let me help you. Below, I have created a personal ranking system of all the cookie flavors for 2017. Take a look:

Thin Mints: Where do I even begin with these Heaven-sent cookies. These chocolate mint flavored cookies are the creme of the Girl Scout cookie crop. I really don’t even know how to describe these cookies, other than just try them. Once you try, you’ll never look back. Oh also, just a tip: put them in the freezer and you’ll never live your life the same way. You’re welcome. Score: 10/10

Samoas: I would not be one to pair coconut, caramel, and chocolate together but I’m so glad Girl Scouts did. While the sound of these cookies may not sound appealing to you, give them a chance. Samoas are easily in my top two of favorite Girl Scout cookies. Really, give them a try. You won’t regret it. Score: 9/10

Trefoils: These cookies are just your average, shortbread cookie. There really is nothing special to them at all. Though, I am still a big fan. There’s just something about them that makes them so addicting. Score: 7/10

Tagalongs: If you love anything chocolate and peanut butter, then these are for you. Tagalongs are a shortbread cookies with a layer of peanut butter, covered in a chocolate coating. Personally, when I’m craving peanut butter and chocolate, I reach for a Reese’s but I wouldn’t say these puppies are too terrible. Give them a try. Score: 7/10

Do-Si-Dos: Anytime I think of Do-Si-Dos I immediately think of my grandmother. These are hands down her favorite cookies and I vividly remember her buying 5 boxes when I was selling myself. So naturally, I now pair grandmothers with these peanut butter cookies. But to tell you the truth, they’re really just ok. They’re not bad, but they’re not great. Overall, just your average peanut butter sandwich cookie. Score: 6/10

Savannah Smiles: These “zesty, lemon-flavored cookies” are not for me. If you love lemon flavored anything, then this is the cookie for you. Score: 4/10

S’mores: This is Girl Scout’s new flavor this year and it’s exactly what you’d expect a s’mores cookie to taste like. Crunchy graham cracker cookies, with a creamy chocolate and gooey marshmallow filling.  Score: 8/10



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